My name is Silvia Eddy and I am the founder of MIO 


Mio accessories are meant to be an extension of your expression and uniqueness. My accessories are here to help define

and elevate your own style.

MIO is an expression of love and passion for making unique, hand crafted accessories that showcase the highest quality of craftmanship and help you create your own environment to express yourself. I love designing and making accessories, my heart beats fast every-time I figure out the right materials, processes and finishes for every piece.

MIO accessories are meant to be an extension of your expression and uniqueness, these accessories are here to elevate your personality not mask you. Make it your identity, own them, MIO is here to help you define your own path. 

Our collections are designed in Canada and hand made in small batches. They are created with heavy detail on colour, textures, freshness and an explosion of happiness. We also collaborate with other makers to bring you some neat products but when we do we stay true to using ethically sourced materials and supporting women artisans working to support their families.


Sustainability is key here at MIO, we avoid the use of materials that do not have dual purpose. That means you will find some nice surprises and hidden messages in a lot of our branding and packaging so keep an eye for those.


I want you to feel the essence of our designs in each piece you wear and that in turn you make MIO accessories your own.

                                                                                                      "Alis Volat Propriis" - Silvia